Travelers or Freeloaders

Just finished perusing my Fan Page for over an hour. It was amazing that during that time a handful of bloggers were creating the entire news feed with one after the other small silly remarks just to get a LIKE or PAGE View. Has it come to this? Do these people actually travel or are they researching material out of the media and posting it? I’m not assuming all do, but there seems to be a large number of this going on, not to mention the constant questions and remarks that are just edited to assume a different form for the reader to LIKE. When I started, which was a short time ago and am just launching, I promised I would not play this game. And I won’t. But rest assured, whether it cost me sponsors or traffic, I will expose the plagiarism and silly techniques used in order to gain readership / traffic. When I see Travel Bloggers post remarks that have nothing to do with Travel, it seems a bit odd. I’ve even seen bloggers use their families to make the blogs cute to gain LIKES.

Wow, what kind of crap is this. Not to mention the same old story, question, or topic time after time? They may wait two or three months to rehash the same material, but it happens.
Sad, maybe they should get out and do some real traveling in third world countries and I don’t mean staying in a sponsored 4 star hotel, a cruise, or resort.
Grab a backpack and indulge yourself into the country and culture you visit. Stay in a hostel, meet and speak with the locals.
Do you want a party or cultural learning experience.


Feel free to issue a rebbutal or comment on my view.

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3 thoughts on “Travelers or Freeloaders

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  2. Mandy

    As a reader or follower of many travel blogs, IMHO what they were trying to achieve by keep posting related or otherwise materials is to maintain their active status besides attracting traffic, because not all of them travel long term or constantly on the road. When they have nothing new to write, they will find ways to make sure the traffic still coming & don’t forget, some of them blog for living to support their travel funds.

    For me, if you want to do that, your content should be interesting & relevant.

    • I agree you have to keep your name out there by Posting. But if your a Travel Blogger it seems these short Posts should be Travel related not about your daily activities or cute pictures of your family. In addition, Posting one short comment after another every few minutes, 15 mins, or 30 minutes is a little extreme, especially when the Post are not Travel related. behaviour like this just bogs down Bloggers Fan Pages and results in using the “Hide this from my Timeline” option. Nothing wrong with Posting daily, but there is a limit of how many times a reader wants to see the same blogger time & time again with content that does not apply to travel.
      Good points though. I Post what I call “Fillers” on my Fan Page when I’m in between Blogs. But I don’t get repetitive with non travel related content.