Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Big bummer! My camera was either lost or stolen In Taipei along with all of the accessories and the SD Card which was not backed up. 😦 The Highlands was to be my next Post, but with close to 300 pics gone I am holding off in the hope it was turned in to Lost and Found. Slim chance I know. If it’s gone, I will still post the Blog with what few pics I have. These will be located at my Fan Page, . So wish me luck! I’ve already started looking for a replacement, but it will be a couple of weeks do to the insane prices. ha…ha…

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7 thoughts on “Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

  1. Lemon Chu

    Dear Mr. Hawley,
    Here is Taoyuan International airport Lost and Found center.
    We found your camera in police office few days ago and the camera is in our Lost and Found center now.
    Could you call me back again to make sure all details about how the process we handle.
    Please call phone number +88633982538 and tell the case no. 6-066 to our colleague.
    I sent the message to few days ago but was sent back.
    Then, I leave a message in your Facebook, do you see the message yet?

    If you get this comment, I hope hearing from you soon.

    Lemon Chu

    • I have received your email about the lost camera. The actual personal email address is I will contact the lost and found office when it is open with the case number you provided.

      • Lemon

        Dear Mr. Hawley,
        I am sorry that I write to a wrong address.
        And the Lost & Found center is opened already, you can call the number now or before 15:00 in Taiwan Time. Here is a staff who can speak English in the center and she could tell you what process we handle.

        Lemon Chu

  2. Had a friend who lost a camera at Heathrow. Five days later on her return trip she found it in Lost and Found! Good luck!

    • I hope I have the same luck. Hate losing all the pics, the blog just won’t be the same with out them. I an going to check back today with TPE and also with LAX just in case it was lost in LA.

      If I find it, be sure to tune in to take a look! 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry to hear of your bad luck! I hope there’s a chance your hardware turns up.

    • Thanks Tea, rest of the trip was not to bad. But once I got home, the saga continued! Laptop booted with Blue Screen…arrrggghhh, had to call a tech. More to this story but will mention later 🙂 Is fixed though, at a PRICE!