The Batu Caves, Malaysia

My visit to the Batu Caves, which is approximately 13km north of Kuala Lumpar turned out to be a great cultural learning trip and is possible in a half day.

When pulling into the parking area you can’t help but notice the 42.7 meter high of Lord Murugan, built of concrete and covered with 300 liters of gold paint.

Directly behind this huge statue are the 272 steps leading up to the Batu Caves, made of limestone and reported to be as old as 400 million years old.

The entrance to the caves is through the main cave named “The Temple Cave”, spawning off from this cave are smaller ones such as “The Dark Cave” which require a tour guide. The Temple Cave is 100 meters to the top and has one large hole and several small holes which provide natural light inside during the daytime.

The Temple Cave is lined with Hindu Shrines and Hindu Deities built over the years and is considered one of the Hindu’s largest places of worship outside of India.

You definitely want to bring your camera for this; there are smaller structures outside of the caves along with Indian vendors selling their wares, and swarms of Long Tailed Macaque monkeys.  Be careful not too feed them though, you may lose a finger as they can become aggressive when being fed.  Otherwise, they will come close enough for great pics.

On our way out we stopped for a snack of pressed seaweed and fresh coconut water, quite good.

I highly recommend the caves for a local excursion if you’re in the Kuala Lumpar area.

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